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Our Client “Ted” is a very successful 58 year old male who is divorced. He has 2 kids who he loves and adores but is lonely for an adult female intimate relationship. His ex wife nagged him to death and was not interested in him as a person at all but just his pocket book.

A perfect day for him would be an afternoon walking along the boardwalk talking about his kids, his dogs, the home renovations he is contemplating and then having a late lunch on an outdoor patio. He is a hard working professional and is frustrated because he never spends time doing the things he enjoys.

Life is all about work and his kids and paying the bills. He is ready for balance and to enjoy life again. In his core he is lonely and desires real female companionship and a full intimate relationship and would never admit it. He meets women all the time and has no problem meeting people but he has just not met that special someone.

Passions and Potions introduced him to “Alice”.

“Alice” is an attractive, fit and youthful 52 year old divorced woman. She is a senior buyer for woman’s apparel at one of our leading department stores and has 2 sons that she adores and is very proud of. They play hockey and she is a typical hockey mom. She gets up at the crack of dawn to take her kids to their practices and never misses a game.

She resents that her ex never went with her and she always did everything on her own. She is hard working and desires a full and happy life. She has lots of girlfriends but they are all married and hates being the third wheel. She is frustrated that at 52, she is not doing more for herself. She wants to travel and see the world.

“Alice” wants to be romanced and she wants to laugh and smile again. She wants to feel beautiful and young and not just like a mother. She is confident in business and really hates to admit she has lost her confidence in herself. She hasn’t dated in years.

Her perfect date would be a day at St. Jacobs browsing the antique stores. Walking outside in the fresh air sharing a frozen yogurt with her “Ted” laughing and talking about how much fun it would be to spend next Saturday at his cottage. Ending the date in a quiet restaurant having a romantic dinner.

“Ted” and “Alice” are a perfect match.