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Our Clients


Since 2000, the online dating portion of the industry has grown as everybody spends so much time on their computers. Relationships are not business deals and cannot be developed and maintained on a computer or PDA.

Our client base is hard working, competitive and missing the personal touch. It is not about what looks good on paper but meeting the clients, working with them and reading between the lines. Our dating service provides the personal approach that is required in order to build a successful relationship.

Our client is passionate about life and deserves the personal touch we provide them. Ourdating service begins with a personalized interview with a professional matchmaker. We will get to know our client, their needs and desires, and what they are looking for in their perfect partner. We will fine tune the process with feedback from both parties so their next introduction will be better than the last.

It is a process that we will be going through from beginning to end until we find them the connection they are looking for. Our client is Thirty Plus, in the Toronto region, successful, passionate about life and the only thing they are missing is that special someone to share their life with. Passions and Potions dating service is here to introduce them to that perfect partner.


We’re growing young!

Due to popular demand referrals and requests we are now excited to announce we have expanded our dating service membership to selective singles in their thirty’s who are looking for a long term relationship.

If you are thirty and looking for a personalized safe and effective way to meet other eligible singles ready for that special someone please contact us.